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Never underestimate the power of sheep! They are such amazing individual animals with so much to teach. As part of an urban agriculture environment, they have much to offer in terms of products like fiber and milk and even meat. While we don't eat OUR sheep, we do teach people about them, how to care for them and most importantly, how to connect with them.

Our little flock began back in 2017 when we rescued an adult female sheep (a ewe) who was finished with her breeding production career and was slated for slaughter. She had such an endearing personality that one of the farm hands couldn't let her become mutton and contacted us. The farmer agreed to allow us to take her as long as we purchased a market lamb for market weight price. We gladly agreed and traveled to Virginia to start our flock.

We knew little to nothing about sheep, but we set out to give them the best life we could. We discarded their hand written number ear tag designations and named the older ewe Audrey, and the lamb, Ally. Audrey captured hearts with her deep and distinctive MOOOO voice and her love of petting and cuddles. Unfortunately, Audrey had received minimal care for most of her estimated 6 to 7 years of life and as winter approached, she struggled. Despite our best efforts, in conjunction with out veterinarian, we couldn't save Audrey and she passed away on New Year's Eve in 2017. We were devastated but felt some comfort knowing she spent her last months loved and cherished and cared for and passed away surrounded in love. She was such a light and a joy, endearing herself to all. Worse yet, young Ally was left without a companion and so a desperate search to find suitable companions for Ally commenced as sheep rely heavily on their flocks for emotional comfort and physical protection.

24 hours after Audrey passed, we added Bradley and Cooper (2 brothers from a quadruplet birth and from an FFA program in WV). The boys (altered male sheep called whethers), formed a flock with Ally in a matter of days. In 2020, we got the call from Kinder Farm Park that a whether lamb needed a home to prevent him from going to market and so we gladly accepted Teddy into the flock. Right before Teddy arrived, they asked us to take one last lamb in need of a home and so we couldn't say no to George! Our little flock of 5 are happy and healthy and we are committed to giving them a lifetime of care so that they will never know the neglect and suffering that our beloved Audrey endured in her lifetime.

With YOUR help, we can continue to provide a lifetime of comfort and care for our flock and give our community the opportunity to connect with this amazing animals!