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We are fundraising to support Po on his journey to health and happiness in his new life at The Big Purple Barn!

On the night of the Winter Solstice, while the world watched a cosmic alignment not seen for 800 years, we found ourselves gazing into the sad face of this poor soul in a NC kill pen. Ponies DO NOT ship to slaughter, but this poor boy could not continue to be held or shipped anywhere without care. We needed to end the auction cycle for him.

We have not only survived Covid, but thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and donors and the time and talents you invest in us, we have THRIVED. We have met each challenge, loss and obstacle the year has thrown at us. We were able to pay for significant expenses, like Suzie and Jonas needing colic treatment. We were able to send 3 horses (I count Cyd) to the rainbow bridge with dignity. We were able to welcome Bugatti, Zoe, George and Teddy to the farm. We were able to continue to provide top notch care to ALL of our animals in challenging times.

For the third consecutive year, and the 4th time total, we are going to have a Christmas Pony! #1282 was posted for $425. All of the other ponies and mules in the lot went for $800 plus because they were young and healthy. We watched them get snatched up with no interest in this pony they call Pooh. We conferred with our friends at Central Virginia Horse Rescue and we decided this pony needed a Christmas miracle and we could make that happen.

His hooves are in terrible shape. They are very overgrown and rolled up like elf shoes. We don't known if he has underlying hoof problems and he may need radiographs to evaluate that. His left eye looks dead and likely needs to be removed so he will need to be seen by our amazing ophthalmologist. His teeth appear like he is somewhere near 15, but we are not sure and we have no idea what condition they are in and I suspect he will need a dental evaluation and care. His thick coat may be a sign of Cushings and we don't know his actual body condition underneath. He clearly hasn't had appropriate care for some length of time and he doesn't deserve to to suffer any longer. He is so sweet and compliant in the video they posted and his photos are taken in a pile of trash

We have already connected with a local layover stable who has made arrangements to pick him up from the lot tomorrow morning at 9am. We have paid an additional $145 for the pick up and an initial 7 days of stabling to allow us time to evaluate his fitness for travel and work out the logistics. He will be near Asheboro, NC which is over 5 hours away.

We would NOT have had the additional padding of funds to do this without the amazing support you have all shown us this year 💜. We can't think of a better reason to use these funds which we will work to replace.

UPDATE- on December 28th, we paid $175 to transport our Christmas Miracle to Brodnax, VA which is his first stop on the way up to Maryland and the care he needs. He is reported to be easy going, friendly and easy to handle by everyone who has worked with him. We will be making a donation to Central Virginia Horse Rescue to cover the cost of caring for him and helping to transport him.

UPDATE- Our pony has a NAME! Please welcome Po to the herd! We call him Po-Tato as well.

UPDATE- On December 31st, we traveled to Brodnax to pick Po up and transport him to our veterinarian because he lacked an appetite and developed diarrhea and CVHR believed he needed prompt veterinary care. Upon arrival at our vet's clinic, he was checked in and examined. He is thin under his coat, had significantly overgrown hooves, a mild fever, pneumonia, an active infection and it was determined he was suffering from hyperlipidemia, a condition where his body was in starvation mode and so it began digesting fats, but the fats quickly inundated his blood stream and deposited on his liver. It was essential to his survival and long term prognosis to start eating. Our amazing vet staff got him stabilized, started on medications and ready to head to the farm where we could add in more love and attention than a clinical setting could provide. He got xrays of his hooves to provide our farrier with a trimming goal and a treatment plan in place for our continued home care that includes meals 5 times a day and physical therapy. His initial veterinary expenses topped $2,000 in diagnostics and treatments.

UPDATE- As of June 2021 Po-Tato is still with us and making improvements every day! His health is improving even as new issues arise for us to tackle. His Hyperlipidemia episode has fully resolved! He has no lasting organ damage and his triglycerides are NORMAL! We had quite some issues regulating his Cushings syndrome which was wildly uncontrolled. With careful diligence from our veterinarian, he is now on a liquid compounded pergolide suspension that he will take for the remainder of his life. As his cushings resolved, we discovered large, hardened fat pads that needed to be addressed so he is on a thyroid medication to help mobilize those remaining fat stores and soften up the lumps. After about 3 weeks now on meds, he is responding well! His hooves are still a work in progress. He has a solid inch of healthy hoof growing in from the top at the coronary band, but he will need to grow that healthy hoof all the way out and that will take another 12 months. He does have frogs growing back in each hoof though so success! He gets hoof trims every 6 weeks by our diligent farrier. His front hooves have collapsed heels and twists that will take time to correct and he is continuously developing abscesses as the damaged inner hoof structures heal so he requires intensive hoof support. He was able to start a deworming process to help shed parasites and is doing well with the process! He got all of his long, hair trimmed and a BATH and he is really changing colors now! He has gone from a pale blonde and white to a darker, richer orange tinted coat! We are waiting until fall to remove his damaged eye, which is estimated at $1500 for the surgery, and in the meantime we protect it with special masks. He has found a best friend in our most senior horse, Mia and the two are inseparable. The companionship has really improved BOTH of their lives! Po is still not healthy enough to meet the entire herd so he and Mia share a turn out space together. We didn't think Po would make it this far, but he HAS with your help and support so THANK YOU!!

While Po is settling in well here finally, and coming out of his shell, he has definitely come up against come unforeseen expenses and needs we have to meet for him. He is really finally connecting with people and enjoying visits from guests. Po has his OWN Facebook page so if you would like to see daily updates and join in his journey, we encourage you to join us on online:

Thank you for your support of our mission to give Po the best life we can! Every dollar you donate goes to directly to help Po and makes a difference! We are aiming to provide him with the best quality of life we can here at his forever home at our farm.

The Po-Tato Pony Spud Squad